Contractor Insurance

Iten Agency specializes in providing contractor insurance and other coverages vital to contractors including builders risk insurance, commercial auto coverage, and insurance for tools and equipment. This liability insurance will protect you from most claims that would arise from the day to day activities. This includes the activity of running a business and the type of accidents that would occur at a job site.

If you are a contractor and you have yet to get contractor insurance coverage, waste no time in talking to us here at Iten Agency Florida to get a policy that is perfect for your company’s needs.

Iten Insurance is here to help with any of your Contractor Insurance needs, including:

  1. Bonds  Insurance
  2. Business Income Insurance
  3. Commercial Auto Insurance
  4. Crime Insurance
  5. Flood Insurance
  6. General Liability Insurance
  7. Property Insurance
  8. Umbrella Insurance
  9. Equipment Floater Insurance
  10.  Workers Compensation Insurance
  11. and more

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