Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturers insurance protects your small business against a wide variety of mishaps. It can protect against things like damage to your property or equipment, injuries or illnesses suffered by customers and employees, and many more situations resulting from your business operations or products.

Insurance for manufacturers offered through the Iten Agency could protect you from lawsuits and other liabilities that could put the health of your business at risk.

Your insurance cost will vary from other manufacturers because each business is exposed to different risks. Your rate ultimately depends on the unique qualities of your business. These qualities can include the types of machines and equipment used, your workplace environment, your vehicles, claims history, the number of people you employ and more.

Iten Insurance is here to help with any of your Manufacturers Insurance needs, including:

  1. Business Owners Policy Insurance
  2. Business Income Insurance
  3. Commercial Automobile Insurance
  4. Crime Insurance
  5. Flood Insurance
  6. General Liability Insurance
  7. Liquor Liability Insurance
  8. Plate Glass Insurance
  9. Property Insurance
  10. Professional Liability Insurance
  11. Umbrella Insurance
  12. Excess Insurance
  13. Workers Compensation Insurance
  14. and more

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