Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants are exposed to a wide range of risks that make them vulnerable to lawsuits and other crippling liabilities. Kitchens can be dangerous, food can go bad, and large numbers of people frequenting restaurants are obvious risk factors. Restaurant insurance protects against these types of risk and helps prevent financial situations that are impossible to overcome.

Protect yourself and your livelihood through the Iten Agency. Our team of experts can help you find dependable coverage so you can concentrate on what matters most – your food and customers.

We understand the needs of restaurants and restaurant owners in Florida – you can find our offices in Davie, Florida.

Iten Insurance is here to help with any of your Restaurant Insurance needs, including:

  1. Business Owners Policy Insurance
  2. Business Income Insurance
  3. Commercial Automobile Insurance
  4. Crime Insurance
  5. Flood Insurance
  6. General Liability Insurance
  7. Liquor Liability Insurance
  8. Plate Glass Insurance
  9. Property Insurance
  10. Professional Liability Insurance
  11. Umbrella Insurance
  12. Excess Insurance
  13. Workers Compensation Insurance
  14. and more

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