Retail Insurance

As a Retail Store in Florida, you run a business that is subject to risks and requirements that are unique to your business pursuits. Insurance for buildings, business property, autos and liability are just starting points; your insurance program should be tailored to your unique needs and exposure to liability and property loss.

Many retail stores have the same basic Retail insurance needs whether your selling books, crafts or jewelry. We can evaluate your risk for damage and liability for your retail stores in and around Florida. Retail stores need insurance to protect themselves from damage that may occur to their inventory or accidents to your customers.

We can provide you a free quote for your Retail Store insurance coverage in Florida. Contact us anytime for a no obligation survey and proposal for a comprehensive insurance program for your business.

Iten Insurance is here to help with any of your Retail Insurance needs, including:

  1. Business Owners Policy Insurance
  2. Business Income Insurance
  3. Commercial Automobile Insurance
  4. Crime Insurance
  5. Flood Insurance
  6. General Liability Insurance
  7. Plate Glass Insurance
  8. Property Insurance
  9. Professional Liability Insurance
  10. Umbrella Insurance Insurance
  11. Excess Insurance Insurance
  12. Workers Compensation Insurance Insurance
  13. Service Insurance
  14. Business Owners Policy Insurance
  15. Business Income Insurance
  16. and more

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